Bosley family

What a cold day! Met the Bosley family for a mini session, poor boys were freezing but did so good ! It was a pleasure photographing them!

Strine family

We were so lucky because this was the only non “gloomy” day of the week…it was a beautiful day filled with sunshine and fall colors! Perfect day for a family shoot! I had so much fun photographing them all! Enjoy!

Murphy family

Sweet baby Cole, welcome to the world! May your life be filled with love <3 She is so in love with him…can you tell?!! Hungry baby…. She said to me…” I knew becoming a grandma was going to be wonderful…but I didn’t know it would be this amazing…it’s like a slice of heaven.”
She comforted him, spoke to him in multiple languages and told him ” don’t worry Cole your mama will give you milk”..
Such a sweet soul !

Loniewsky family

I was thrilled to see the Loniewsky family again. Last time I saw them was when I did little Ava’s 1 year pictures and now they are expecting a little boy in just a few short days. I always have a blast with this family they are just so natural and loving…enjoy!

I’m so excited to see the newest addition by the way…their babies surely are loved!

Carter family…

This family! They have been my neighbors for 3 years now and I’m so glad we met! They have trusted me to capture sweet memories for them since we met and I’ve had so much fun photographing them! They will be moving this year so we had to have just one more session;)