Reyes family

The Reyes family is off to Germany and I was so glad to get to spend time with them on their last day here in Spokane before they got on the plane to their new home.

Susan is an amazing photographer so I was honored to take her families photos.

Ulrick family

With this cold weather we decided it would be best to do indoor photos, plus with them wearing these adorable Burt’s Bees pj’s it was a good match! Little Emma is incredibly adorable. So much character and so friendly! I had a lovely time photographing the Ulrick family <3

Weilep family

When I was on my way to photograph they Weilep’s it started to storm, it got really windy. After that it started hailing and snowing…it wasn’t looking good. When we got to the park the weather calmed down. It’s like it slowed down just in time for us to get the pictures in because right after we were done weather picked up again. I’m so glad we were able to shoot that day!

Handley family

It was Freeeeeeezzzzziiiinnnngggg!!! The Handley family did amazing despite the weather. Although it was cold it was a beautiful snowy day with a beautiful family! 

snow flake

Literally seconds after we got outside this perfect little snow flake landed on his eye lashes! Neat isn’t it?!!